Thursday, October 11, 2018

House Tour!

Hello! Last week I attended a house tour of Brittany’s zoo in which I watched and took note of the different animal facts and behaviors. First the visitors took much needed time to say hello to the little cat.
Then the crowd turned their attention to the Chameleons. However, first Camille the chameleon needed her medicine first. She has been suffering from a sinus infection since she was given to Brittany. On bad days, her eyes can get so swollen that she can not see. First are her injections for her sinus infection. Then comes her nutrition, which can consist of fruit and smashed up insects to keep her healthy.

Now for the other chameleons they got their lunches, and the visitors got to feed them. Out came the mealworms, it was time for the hungry chameleons to attack!

After lunch time inside, it was taken outside. The turtles were given their mealworms, leaves, and nuggets next. The turtles in the pond don’t usually allow people to get near them, and dive into the water before you get too close. However, sneakily I grabbed a quick picture of the male sunbathing.

There is another female turtle that lives in the pond, however she never lets anyone see her. She hangs out at the bottom, and is actually much larger than the male. It is a misconception that the males are larger, the female turtles usually are. After all of the cuteness the visitors were brought inside to see the baby alligator and snakes. The favorite of the crowd was by far the baby alligator, his feisty behavior did not deter the crowd. All of the visitors enjoyed the tour, and the animals definitely enjoyed all of the attention and food!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

First Day

Today at the art center in Baltimore called “Motor House,” the group Young Audience hosted an event for their teaching artists. Since I am a current intern for The Drawing Zoo, I accompanied Brittany Rogers to the event. It was a very energetic and passionate group of people with the same goal of being able to educate and connect with students. Each teaching artist had a chance during the day, to give a short demonstration on what their artistic take on learning is. There was a mixture of different specialties such as; song, poetry, dance, and drawing. One of the Young Audience representatives gave an inspiring speech about how letting children experience art can actually make students want to stay in school. This fact has actually led to a 500% increase of art incorporated into school districts. One of the largest issues that was addressed at this event was how children have the freedom of art during summer programs. However, this summer freedom is usually not followed through during the school year. The most influential way to change this situation, she said, was to influence the mind of the principals. This could be followed through by making credit-based training for all principals, in order to show a different point of view to the ones in charge. On a much more fun note, the Young Audience employees had a very special song planned for everyone. A large microphone, and fun dresses were brought out on the stage, and a funky education inspired rendition of Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin was played out. After this comic relief another representative came forward to discuss how standardized testing has become a block in the creative mindset within schools. For instance, once the “no child left behind” policy was put into action, students were only learning reading and math, essentially cutting out all creativity. After this law, the AYP was released which made it so every school had to meet a certain standardized test score average, or their funding was cut. When in reality, the schools that were struggling the most should have been provided with more support. The point of listing all of these standardized testing laws, was to show that there has been no growth from them, and to certain schools and students they reek more harm than good.  Again, after the saddening facts, I got to see Brittany in action. With a chameleon on her shoulder, she started to instruct the room on how to draw. One of the most important points that she explained, was that everything is made up of shapes. Knowing that information, everyone can draw if they just find the shapes. While teaching the artists about how to draw a chameleon she also integrated facts about the species. For instance, chameleons can change not only their color, but also their saturation and pattern. The color that they change does not entirely have to do with their environment either, it can also be due to their mood. With lots of engagement from the artists, everyone’s chameleon knowledge was increased. 


Hello! My name is Zoe Wills, and I am the current intern for The Drawing Zoo. I am currently working towards a degree in photojournalism, and am able to expand on my skills as an intern. I look forward to the events to come, and being able to share the stories and photos!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Promotional piece finished? Megan's Last day

August 17, 2018

I've reach my required hours for my internship! I'm pretty sure I actually did more hours that necessary especially when working on art pieces at home, like I have been for the past 3 days.
I've been experimenting a lot in photoshop with digital collage, trying to incorporate my drawing style with my collage style, as well as challenging myself with placement of text. Design is something I haven't studied formally - I just trust my intuition when it comes to placement unless it's jarring and someone has a suggestion that I wasn't able to see before.

The goal with these is to used as a self promotional piece, I intend to get them printed professionally by CatPrint into creased cards. Catprint is a really great website and I have used them in the past before for promotional pieces. Their quality is great while their prices are reasonable. I thought making it into a card would mimic a zine or a book, the left image needs more work obviously but the main goal was to finish the poem image itself. The background photo is actually a photo of Pogo the bearded dragon in his cage! The caterpillars and cocoons are studies from the time when Brittany had Monarch caterpillars. Of course, the snakes were also inspired by the drawing zoo's snakes especially the Royal Pythons. I had so much fun messing around with this image. I might tweak it before print, and of course finish the left side. I've spent a while on these pieces so it's a good update point! they've come a long way.
If I could change anything, I might have been a bit conservative with the size of each object. They should have been a big bigger maybe? If it ends up bothering me enough I would have to go back and redraw the ones I wanted to enlarge completely to not lose it's quality.

Thanks so much for reading my posts if you have been!
-Megan Le

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Promotional Piece

I came in to HQ today and to my surprise Brittany had an assignment for me. a very useful one too. She asked me to list some top publishers that I am interested in and name what their niche is. Then the second part was to create a piece and a statement to send to them!

I was sketching away, but i instantly knew that if i kept sketching, I would just sketch in circles. When this happened I just have to jump right into the final - that's just how I work, it's how i keep it interesting even if it is a challenge.
As I was working I realized how hard it is to come up with a promotional piece - something that entirely represented what I do, and what I want to do in the future. With too many ideas I am stumped, so I look through my folder of scanned sketches that I felt still represented me. Of course since the drawing zoo has been a huge part of my creative outlet this summer I even snagged some drawings I've done while here.

This is simply a layout of sketches, I tend to work with a collage sensibility and I am definitely going to incorporate different scanned textures into this piece. so much more will be added! I had enough time to clean up/line over 2 of the figures. Here are some close ups!

I'm really happy that Brittany gave me these goals. I knew it was important to do, but I never knew when I was going to get around to it, when was a good time to do it. It's so vital to create a brand for yourself, a style, something that people can see and understand what it is that you are passionate about. Even though todays session was a shorter evening one, I gained so much and i'm still racing with ideas.

This is also one of my last blog posts!! crazy how fast a summer can fly by.

ps: Brittany and I also Set up Peanut's new cage and took some head shots of him! Heres an outtake but it was too cute not to share.

Sunday, August 12, 2018


August 12, 2018

Today I volunteered at the Natural History Society of Maryland Baltimore with so many other great animal lovers for the start of the HERP Club (Reptiles and Amphibians). There were so many animals that I had never seen in person before, I was in awe. i tried taking lots of photos, but i

The Drawing Zoo's Participation today for the HERP club was to be part of the "Kid's Crafts" section where Brittany brought Camille as a model for kids to draw, study, pet, and even feed. Since it was an on going event today instead of a classroom, people were coming in all at different times and everything was much more open ended and relaxed. I ended up sitting down with specific kids (and sometimes even their parents) and demonstrating a simple geometric version of a Chameleon, giving them lots of artistic suggestions along side scientific facts about Chameleons. I could tell they enjoyed learning and playing with color a lot.

It was fun to see kids revisit the Kids Craft section multiple times as well, because there were also a Frog Life Cycle Mobile project and a Swirling Snake Cut-Out that kids could decorate and hang from a Ceiling, Jeanette was in the one who brought those ideas to the table but I had fun helping kids cut out snakes and glue sequence to their frogs. Parents were definitely thankful that there was a creative outlet supplied for their kids. Even Tom, one of the founders of the HERP Club was saying how great it was to have his son drawing with the aid of people who love to encourage it. That made everything feel worth while!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tiger Exhibit Mural

August 7, 2018

Today I went to HQ, but i brought my tablet for the first time and worked on the mural today, with a break to feed some salad to the turtles, Pogo, and Bunnies.

Good news is I finished the Mural! Here are some close ups:

I tired to use simple shapes to symbolize jungle plants. I used color for interest rather than laboring over too much rendering. It's very limited color as well .keeping it cohesive, allowing it to be a background rather than the focal point. The focal point should be the Tiger after all!

There was a great suggestion from Brittany, to make the silhouette of the font to be consistent. So tweaking that one! it will be worth it for the legibility.   Heres what I got so far!


Update: August 8, 2018

I was at HQ again today and worked on the Petting Zoo and Tiger Exhibit Sign again! I think i finished them both. 

I also did a Petco and Home Depot run with Brittany, as well as feed Pogo, Smiles, the Chameleons, and the box Turtles!

Time flew by very quickly but honestly, I was so glad to feed some animals. I haven't done that in a while and it feels so good to make the babes happy! I posted some videos @bubbleteagirrl Instagram (my personal account) if anyone wants to check that out.

Here are some photos from today:

Thanks for reading!